Human Resources

Proper selection of staff and regulation of labor relations, as well as the organization of personnel records in accordance with the law is one of the important conditions for any company. VSK Consultancy offers services for human resource management, organization of personnel records, identification and elimination of potential risks. Our professional team with deep experience has solved the problems related to the planning and management of human resources by providing services to companies operating in various fields, and managed to protect them from various financial losses and fines as a result of proper organization of personnel records.

We offer the following Human Resource Management services:

  • Establishment of personnel accounting system
  • Staff selection
  • Organization of documentation related to employment and dismissal
  • Organization of compulsory insurance of employees
  • Creating personal information of employees
  • Preparation of job descriptions
  • Establishment of working time accounting
  • Periodically prepare and submit relevant reports
  • Other services that can be created by human resources

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