Tax training

This training is designed for professionals working in the field of finance and accounting, tax accounting, and anyone with mathematical and logical knowledge who wants to learn this profession. The accountant's task is to know the high level of tax legislation in addition to recording daily financial and economic transactions in the accounting registers, so that he can protect the enterprise from possible penalties in the future.

Insufficient knowledge and skills in this area can complicate your work, as well as waste additional time. If you want to strengthen your knowledge as soon as possible and gain additional necessary knowledge, this training is a successful choice for you.


Education plan

  • Income tax from natural persons
  • Withholding tax at the source of payment
  • Simplified tax
  • Profit tax
  • Property Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Preperation of reports


The knowledge you will gain from the training

  • Get acquainted with the tax legislation
  • Organization of tax accounting in accordance with the legislation
  • To compile tax reports and submit them to the relevant authorities


The main purpose of the training you will receive from the specialists in this field is to provide the accountants with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the operations of the enterprise in accordance with the tax legislation and to conduct tax accounting properly.